1906 NW Lovejoy St., Portland, OR 97116

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Private Training

All About You

Reign Fitness offers 30-55 min private or semi-private sessions.

Private sessions are ideal for personalized attention allowing clients to focus only on their goals.  

Semi-private sessions are a great way for couples or friends to workout together. Encourage or compete with each other, either is great motivation.

Group Classes

Do It Together

Work out with your friends and family in a group setting  using a circuit training method. 
(3-4 people)

Competition Coaching

Show It Off

Learn the poses needed to compete in fitness competitions. Owner, Joshua successfully placed in the 2013 Emerald Cup in Bellevue, Washington, & will use his personal experience to make sure you are prepared for your stage debut.

New Client Consultations

Get Started

30 min. new client consultation/training sessions allow us to review your goals and come up with a plan to get you there.

*Complimentary to new clients